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Planet Oat Creamer Campaign

We were briefed on a paid social campaign highlighting the four primary Planet Oat Creamer flavors. This fun campaign included our favorite blue alien friend, Sensa.
Along with the amazing skills at EP + Co.'s in house production space in Taylors, SC.

Paid Social

Create your perfect morning with a steaming cup of coffee and a splash of tasty oatmilk creamer ☕. #OhhhWhatAPlanet

planetoat Sensa’s adding something sweet to your morning cup of coffee ☕. #OhhhWhatAPlanet 

Make your morning special with beautiful flavor blooms in your cup of coffee  💫. #OhhhWhatAPlanet

There’s something about rich, creamy, tasty oatmilk creamer in your coffee. Even Sensa can’t help herself! 🌀#OhhhWhatAPlanet

We can’t blame Sensa for not being able to keep her hands off the delicious oatmilk creamer 💫. #OhhhWhatAPlanet

It looks like everyone senses the delicious, rich, creamy flavor oatmilk creamer adds to iced coffee ➰. #OhhhWhatAPlanet 

agency: EP + Co.
director: Seth Hunt
creative director: Bee Reynolds
art director: Page Halter

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