USPS x Etsy

Small business owners were losing their livelihoods to the pandemic, we wanted to help them and another crucial business in danger. The USPS. 


The idea to have USPS and Etsy collaborate was natural because both companies deliver for their customers.

Custom Stamp Collection

Stamp books will be available to members of the partnership and also be sold in brick and mortar USPS postal offices.

Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 9.50.35 PM.png


The postal service is in a way, a part of every small business - our print executions show an exaggerated relationship between a small business owner and their postal service worker.

Print1- USPS.jpg


The banner ads will target Etsy sellers on hobby-specific sites like Michaels and other specialty craft stores. They'll be redirected to the site and encouraged to sign up for the membership. 



Featured spots to be played on HGTV, the DIY network, and similar networks.  

Art Director: Claire Graveline