New Business

At BooneOakley, my partner and I worked on new business pitches. We brainstormed companies to reach out to. Concepted the posters. Then sent out our designs with a letter to pique these businesses' interest to work with us. 

Red Clay

A Charleston-based company that focuses on their products enhancing your food’s flavor rather than stealing the show with heat. The poster encapsulates their mission with both the copy and carefully placed “nuggets” that only a true Red Clay fan would know.


Wild One

A Brooklyn-based company that cares about dogs first and design-centric dog accessories second. We used office dogs for this Dogue-inspired poster series. Woman's best friend should be as stylish as their owners.

WildOneCover_Katy 2.jpg
WildOneCover_Esther 6.jpg

designer: betsy woodworth