This is my personal blog I created and branded when I felt I had no creative freedom at my first job out of college.
Since then, I've built my entire career out of creative freedom. So this little thing has become an outlet to show who I am and what I love. You'll find book recommendations, some travel guides, and my attempt at embroidery*. 

*Embroidery was one of the many hobbies I started during quarantine but held onto after. 

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the dogs of wag

I've worked a lot of odd jobs since I was 16. When I first moved to Atlanta for The Creative Circus I started walking dogs for Wag! It was hands down my favorite side job. These are most of the precious pups I walked!  

big dog
mini schnauzer
cute pit dog
black dog
two australian shepherds
french bulldog
happy dog
old dog
old dog
shih tzu
brown dog
two dogs
black dog
sniffing dog