Breaking down on the side of the road puts you in a vulnerable position. Women, especially, are at the mercy of any person that shows up to “help.”


We don’t want women taking a gamble on their lives when they call for help. 


That’s why AAA's new initiative ensures women feel safe every step of the roadside assistance process. As a bonus, we'll teach women how to fix minor car issues, if they don’t already know.

Initiative Lockup



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In-app Features

The yAAAs girl initiative adds features to the AAA app to improve the functionality and help make people feel safer and in control of an uncontrollable situation. The features include:

+ An option for females towers. This pops up after you submit your location to see if it’s available near you.
+ A service tracker once a request for service is submitted.
+ In-app or messaging check-ins to see how you’re doing.

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The mailer will let existing customers know about the new app updates and safety features.

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Just your Average Jane doing average car things. This youtube channel will feature basic tutorials to help you know your car better. They'll include tire changes, spark plugs, and fuse changes. 

art director: geena montes-sabino